Top 5 Best Websites To Download Free Music


I love my music !The Internet today makes it easier than ever to download just about any song you want for free. However, finding a site with an extensive selection of free music downloads is few and far in between. There are however, sites out there that offer music for purchase with an occasional song for free download. And there are some sites make you pay a monthly subscription for a wide music selection.

But, the problem with free music is, that it’s not always legal. When you download music for free you are not supporting the artists, labels and retailers who distribute the songs. For that reason, I want to emphasize that there are dozen of websites out there that allow you to listen to music freely and legally without downloading it. Like Pandora or Spotify for example.

If you’re like the rest of us, and you absolutely must download music, there are safe and legal sites available that you can use. Sites that will not spam your computer with advertisements, fake links or viruses. From the latest pop music to classic rock hits, download Mp3 songs for free using these five music websites:

1. mp3skull

If you haven’t already, you definitely want to use this website. It’s great for downloading, listening and searching for your favorite songs. mp3skull has a database of multimillion quality Mp3 links. The site even provides you with embed link to post music to your blogs and personal websites.

2. emp3World

While this site may be ten years old, it still provides the best and latest songs for free. The interface is simple, it loads rather quickly and there aren’t many annoying advertisements. This site gets two thumbs up!

3. Mp3Raid

Mp3Raid is a search engine that is dedicated to indexing and organizing music that has legally be posted on the Internet. You can easily listen to songs before you download too. While the interface is a bit unorganized, the overall task of searching for and downloading songs is rather easy.


Another one of my favorite sites to download music from is This site is easy to use with a very straightforward interface. Songs are 100 percent free and you can listen to the full song before you download it. Definitely worth bookmarking on your Internet browser!

5. Beemp3

Also a music search engine, Beemp3 can be used for locating an mp3-file over the Internet. The only catch is that the site does not actually host the files themselves. This site just searches through the Internet and indexes all the new mp3 songs.

Everyone listens to music. When we’re happy, sad, and anxious or somewhere in between, music is an expression of emotion. What’s better is if we can get all the music we want for free. And without too much hassle, like irritating pop ads and sign ups. There’s a safe way for downloading music there, choose wisely.

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Laura Wolfe is a freelance writer for several music publications. She usually uses video converter free software for her favorite YouTube videos. She loves having her favorite songs and videos at her fingertips.

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