Coffee with that computer?

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This weeks theme is Technology


Do you spend a lot of time at your computer? Hours on end?

Why not get one of the new Coffee Computers? All of the major name brand computer manufacturers are coming out with this new type of computer. It runs on a new Windows OS called “Extreme Beans”. I’ve heard that mac versions will be out soon as well and they’ll be dubed the JavaMac.

I’m waiting for the expresso model to come out.


You know when you’re surfing the net and someones got a video on their site that you want to see? You click on it and for some reason it only wants to play on your Real Player. Fine. The Real Networks program opens up and guess what? You never do see that movie because it’s buffering, buffering, buffering ….

Have a great weekend.

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  1. says

    Too funny. But thankfully, I’m not a coffee consumer…so, this one isn’t for me. *gigglin’*…..when they come out with a vending machine that super-sizes my sandwich and coke….I’m IN!!!!

  2. Gattina says

    Would also be something for me, but there is one thing missing in this computer, a dishwasher to clean the cups !

  3. says

    Buffering……………Buffering……………….Buffering……….Yeap, been there, got the T-shirt! lol….mines up, please visit

  4. says

    I remember someone once wrote a question about the CD on her computer and thought that was where she put her coffee cup!
    Well, from your picture, we’ve sure come a long way! *S*
    And re. buffering – *sigh* I know it so well!
    Great choice for the theme!
    Happy Weekend
    Mine’s up too!

  5. says

    Oh! I want it! Can I have two-one with coffee and one with wine? Better make it two with coffee-in the morning then after I drink all the wine!


    Oh, My God! That coffee maker / computer is teh funniest thing I’ve seen in a loooon time!

  7. Sanni says

    I´m sorry for being so late this week – I´ve got a bad cold… so I´m hunting out of my bed =)
    Please send my one of those caffeine-maschines – I´m a coffee addict, that´s why my blog is named Coffee2go – LOL

    Please visit mySPSH #5 – thank you =)

  8. Yogi The Coffee Maker Reviewer says


    I want one of those…so dont have to be away from my computer even for that cup of coffee

  9. Klipsch Computer Speakers says

    Now this is just nutz! I always seem to have a cup of brew while at the computer, but this could take it to a whole other level!

  10. BillyO says

    This is amazing. I wish that I was clever enough to put things like this together. I have several old computers sitting around that I could get some more life out of.

    I noticed that the keys are still in it. I wonder if those are the on/off switch?

  11. Ben says

    Wow that is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! Ha ha!

    The picture of real player buffering is also very apt and very very true.