If only a dog could make this voe …



Oh man, I wish I thought of getting my dog, Midnight, to do this when she was a young puppy! It would have saved a lot of cleanups! LOL

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a dog to swear on a bible, dog bible that is, to never pee on the rug again? Yep, I can see all you dog owners out there nodding your heads. LOL

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  1. feliz says

    my dog would sell his soul, and his mother for a cookie. So far for the dog bible…..

  2. CD Duplication Services says

    This is a bit of crazy but funny I never heard that before that a dog can take his voe just not to pee inside the house… hahaha…

  3. John says

    Hahaha! Wish my dog would do something like that. Brb going to buy the bible right now :p

  4. italy villas says

    haha! this image got me rolling on the floor with laughter. I wish I had a cute lil puppy to play with too. but I have the same problem that you have to face and that is “the pee in the house” part.

  5. Cloverfields says

    That’s cute. The paw trick is actually pretty easy to teach an average dog, but the caption is awesome.

  6. closed end muni funds says

    Ha! That’s pretty humorous! If only potty training dogs really was that simple, we would suffer a lot less grief.

  7. Theodore Gretable says

    HAhaHAhahAHAH this image is fantastic!! :)
    If only my puppy would have done this too……

  8. arizona online traffic school says

    Hahahahah……….hahahah……….can not control my laughter! This is tremendously funny! Thanks for sharing this hilarious stuff.

  9. stephanie_miller says

    I am a Dog Lover I really know the attitude of dog. If her owner was a good one and then the dog is a good too. Its like a mirror…. I love what you do because we both same. thanks for this article Chris. More power to you.