Big mouthed dog



Some dogs just like to collect things … I think this one is collecting kindling for the campfire!

We have a Labrador Retriever, just like the dog above, and she can hold a LOT of things in her mouth too.

Whenever we take her to the beach to play with other dogs she literally steals all the other dogs toys and holds them in her mouth as she teases them and gets them to chase after here. I’ve seen her with four or five toys in her mouth at once.

Is your dog like this?

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  1. Fred says

    lol! What a sweet dog..

    By the way, your dog must be so sharp as the other Retriever.

  2. Dwayne says

    That dog has a big mouth. I think dogs were designed with big mouths since its their only grabber. Wo is the dog with a little mouth. My Boston Terrier is all mouth.

  3. Jonathan says

    I have a Labrador in my house that looks just like the one on the picture. He don’t fetch for so many sticks but he loves to play with the tennis ball:D. He chew like 10 during the last week:)

  4. san pedro says

    Your dogs seems to be a mischievous but a smart cur. Dogs are said to be man’s best friend may be for the reason that they bring so much into your life and bless you with some weird and unique experiences every day. You have got a really lovely dog.

  5. kimmy says

    i have my own dog at does the same stuff as your labrador does..mine was named after my brother renzie”,

  6. AL May says

    Your retriever reminds me of my old friend. Look in their eyes, and what do you see, a true friend forever, who! will not only gather wood and things, but eat up all the hugs and long walks. My Rex is gone now but his memory lives on.

  7. albert @ auto detailing calgary says

    So cute. My dog can only fit one toy in her mouth and she does not like to give it up either!!!

  8. Charlie says

    Hahah! Made me think of my old dog that used to cary 3 tennis balls and would still try to pick up another

  9. Am Garcia says

    I had a pitt bull bulldog mix that used to bring rocks into the house. He would just leave them on the floor in the living room. Totally random.. he was a great dog though! Rescued him- unfortunately people tried to raise him to fight, but he truly wasn’t meant for that. So thankful we got him he was spoiled rotten for the three years we had him.