This trucker has parking skills!



You have to admit this trucker has amazing parking and or maneuvering skills. I can’t imagine how the driver managed to back the truck up into that tight loading dock or how he managed to get the truck out of that space without hitting the retaining wall. I know it’s possible – I just can’t imagine how he did it!

You have to have skills to drive and park like that.

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  1. Varyhelp says

    that guy deserves a medal. I know a lot of Bus Drivers who don’t normally like truck drivers. But I think this picture might change their minds. hahhaha

  2. Mike Hussy says

    Wow! That takes some serious skills! Whatever they pay that driver it is not enough!Thanks…

  3. NJ moving company says

    Nice Sharing and very interesting picture its make me lough out loudly…No I don’t have such skills to park…! :D