His whole house was stolen!


Earlier this month a Toronto man went to check on his property in the central Ontario community of Dundalk only to find that his 10 year old double wide manufactured home was missing. Just think about that for a moment. It would be bad enough to find your place robbed, but completely gone? Yeah, that’s one for the books!

All that was left on the property was the foundation that the 45 foot double wide home had stood on. His home was too large to easily move so he was quite puzzled as to how someone could have stolen his home.

He went to the closest provincial police department in Southgate Township to make a complaint about the theft of his home.

As it turns out once the police were aware of the homes theft it didn’t take too long to find the missing $30,000 house. It was on a property not too far from its former location – how it got there is still unknown. Ownership documents found at the scene were found to be fraudulent.

Jeffrey LaForest of Southgate Township is charged with theft over $5,000, mischief, and uttering a forged document.

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  1. BWI van service says

    Really unbelievable and so funny to read.How could the whole house be stolen?Very strange.

  2. Ankit Bagaria says

    My goodness just don’t understand how can one move the house. This is just incredible. I am from India and am hearing this for the first time, moving someones house. Oh my god, this is incredible.

  3. says

    lol! Sorry but this is sad but hilarious at the same time. I’d be stoked if this happened to me. Are you sure this happened for real? :|

  4. bronx@paper_jam says

    That’s when you need to have you house hooked to a GPS! That’s just crazy. I can’t even imagine pulling in to find your whole house missing.

  5. Nikki says

    Wow. I’m trying to figure out how a house got moved. Sounds like a really fun redneck prank? I dunno. That’s nuts.

  6. Steve the Auto Inspector says

    I hate it when that happens.. But thinking of it for a brief second I know how much trouble it is to move a double wide home.. Sounds kinda fishy to me.. Maybe it was a repo?

  7. sam dawson says

    As in the whole house???That was really planned. it’s just a clear indication that there is no safe property at all. No matter how big or how small your property is, BEWARE!

  8. adriab says

    That is crazy – but true! Imagine of all the things – as you said a house burgulary is one thing but this is another level! Happy he got his house back and someone was charged.

  9. Tom says

    Hah, omg! His whole house, that’s crazy. I don’t know how his neighbours didn’t manage to catch the guy – it’s not something you can sneakily slip into your pocket!

  10. Jonathan says

    Excellent. There is an anime that is based around stealing whole buildings at once. My… nephew told me about it.