Festive Animals

Some people dress their pets up to protect them from the cold, snow or rain … others dress them up for special holidays.

Do you dress up your pets for fun? For Halloween, Christmas or other holidays? If you do I’d love to see your photos!

So far we haven’t dressed up our puppy and I’ve said in the past that she won’t likely ever be in a costume. We did however buy her a winter coat (that’s too big for her right now!) as she sometimes seems cold when she’s outside. We also bought her some booties for her paws to protect them from the ice and the salt people put done to melt the ice and snow. That stuff cuts their tender paws!

Ok here’s some festive animals:

A mouse to help pull the sleigh …

Christmas Mouse

Turkey Dog

Turkey Dog

Santa Paws?


and Mrs. Claus Paws?

festive dog

Of course we can’t forget the turkey that’s all dressed for the holidays can we?


Remember if you have any funny photos that you’d like me to post feel free to send them to me by email.

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