Wasabi makes a mess in a weighless environment

Astronauts are supposed to be prepared for everything aren’t they? Well it turns out that a little flying wasabi got the better of them back in March. The hot green condiment was squirted out of a tube as an astronaut, Sunita Williams, was trying to make a pretend sushi meal with a bag of packaged salmon.

Since the astronauts were practicing in their weightless atmosphere a little food spill became a major challenge. Williams reported that it took a while for the smell of wasabi to die down.

The astronauts that Sunita is working with also have their favorite dishes packed away for their voyage. Sunita has several Indian dishes packaged to have a long shelf life, and her crew mate Michael Lopez-Alegria had Spanish muffins, Magdalenas, chorizo pork sausages and latte in his own bonus container.

The wasabi won’t be making a repeat appearance as it’s been deemed too dangerous. It’s packed away in a cargo vehicle.

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