The last drop

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This lovely delicate purple clematis jackmanii blossom was photographed two weeks ago in my backyard. I was wandering the garden in a light rain and saw the water droplets on this bloom and knew I had to take a photograph.

Isn’t this a lovely flower?

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  1. says

    i recently discovered your site and thought i would check it out again. i love teh rainy Clematis. i haven’t ever caught one in the rain but i have lots of roses with rain drops on them and i enjoy seeing that kind of photography.

    i especially like the droplet falling off the petal.

    Can you tell me why the one part at top looks out of focus? it probably isn’t but it seems that way to me.

  2. says

    Jeff I didn’t take this photo with my Sony Cybershot. This was my first photography session with my new Canon SLR EOS 30D. I’m still learning all the specifics of my new camera. I used the standard lens that came with the EOS 30D kit which is a 18 – 55 mm lens. I plan on getting a macro lens and a telephoto lens at some point. I did have the camera set to macro when I took this shot.

    If you visit again and want to know more details about the photo you can always click on the photo. This will take you to my flickr account. In the lower right there’s an area that says what camera the photo was taken with and then a link below that that says more properties.

    This link should show the properties of that photo:

    The details lists photoshop. Unless I’ve added special border effects to a photo the only reason I run them through photoshop for the most part is to crop them. I could use any editing program for that, but I like photoshop. (of course I use photoshop for other graphics I do too).

    Ok now you have lots of info. :) Thanks for your comments!

  3. says

    Paulie yes you are correct the top petal in this photo is blurred because I wasn’t focusing on it.

    That petal extended outward towards the camera so it was closer to the lens than the area I was focusing on.

    If I’d widened my focal area a little more or adjusted upward it probably would look less blurred but as you can see I wanted to capture that perfect water droplet at the tip of the clematis petal. That was my focus.

    This was my first time trying out my new SLR camera in my garden so I was wandering around, fooling with settings and snapping away. :)

    I’m still learning. :) I like how the photo came out, but I’m sure some more experienced photographers would probably say that that top petal shouldn’t be quite as blurred as it is.

    Thanks for your visit and your comments.

  4. Arunesh says

    You have a nice photoblog and this photograph is beautiful.

    I like the template and the design of the whole thing. What camera do you use?

  5. says

    Thanks Arunesh.

    I guess you didn’t read my comments on this post I actually discussed the camera that I used quite a bit. It’s a Canon digital SLR EOS 30D.