After The Storm

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Earlier this evening we had a severe weather storm here in Toronto … severe enough that there were Tornado warnings for the city and surrounding area (very rare!), funnel clouds and even some Tornado touch downs!

About an hour after the storm began, the sky began to lighten and the dark clouds started to blow away … and this is what was left – the sun setting over the city after a violent storm.

I love how the clouds are reflected in my neighbors front windows. The sky was beautiful and I’m glad that I can show you a tiny piece of my world – after the storm.

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  1. WOW!!! Great pic of the storm! Especially that reflection in the windows..

  2. Photos like that make me take a deep breath.

    • Pamela, I’m glad that you and the others that have commented on this photo have enjoyed it. The sky was just spectacular. We usually have nice sunsets around here, but this one was one in a million.

  3. wedding photo journalism says:

    Great Awesome, nice photo mate.

  4. Micro Stock Photos says:

    Breath taking it really tells a story.

  5. victorian inn bed and breakfast says:

    Nice photos.The sky is growing yellow and red and getting into rage and anger.

  6. Nasim Mansurov says:

    Holy moly, that sky looks crazy! I like the reflection on the window as well.

  7. Earth Friendly Goodies says:

    Very powerful – I agree I love the window reflection.

  8. Great photo. I love the color and the reflection of the clouds in the window. Well done and thanks for sharing the photo.

  9. Some of these are outright strange and unearthly. I ask if these are all from within the United States?? I could appreciate the diversity of shape, texture, color, size etc. of these clouds if they were recognized by climatologists but that just ain’t so! Some times we need to take these kinds of ominous changes in our atmosphere seriously, and wonder what is causing these creepy science fiction images to appear in our skys? Fake photography? Some of them are to incredulous, sorry.


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