Throw me another stick would ‘ya

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This is my Black Labrador Retriever, Midnight .. having fun at the beach.

She just loves to play and swim in the water, even if it’s freezing cold! She also loves it when we throw balls or sticks for her to fetch … loves it so much that she’ll stand in the water and literally whine as she waits for us to find something to throw to her. Uhm … even if she’s got a darn stick right at her feet! LOL

I took this photo in March (the 7th to be exact). We always seem to go to the beach more often in the winter than the summer. If we lived in a warm climate that wouldn’t be so weird, but we live in Toronto which is normally fairly cold in the winter. However, every one in a while there’s a nice semi warm day .. often in February and sometimes in March and that’s when the bug to go to the beach gets us.

The day we went happened to be very warm for March. It was 19 Celsius (66 F) … more like April or May temperatures, so of course we had to get outside and enjoy the day. After spending some time at the beach we went and ate a late lunch at an outdoor patio … but in between we found a really strangely decorated house. If you’re curious take a look at the post on Odd Planet to see this very funny and odd house.


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  1. HVAC Man says

    Wow, what an attractive dog you have got. Dogs are very faithful and are loyal towards their master.

  2. Jay Jetty says

    I had a black lab when I was a teenager in New York. I used to do laps across the river and back.

    When My arm gave out I would call her to me and grab ahold of her tail. She would tow me the rest of the way.

    She was an amazing representative of her breed.


  3. Mae says

    That’s a beautiful portrait of your dog! My dog also loves to play fetch especially in the water. Every weekend, my dog is looking forward to our walk on the beach. She loves to fetch sticks, too!