A lovely Fragrant Cloud

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Fragrant Cloud Rose

I started out this year taking a lot more photos than I did last year, but something happened along the way and I’ve barely taken any pictures this summer at all. Honest, I was just searching through my rather large stock of photos and I really didn’t take very many postable photos in July or August. I guess I’ll have to make up for that this month.

So … This lovely flower is the beautiful Fragrant Cloud Rose. It blooms on and off throughout the season and it does have a lovely scent just as it’s name advertises. I grow a number of roses in my garden but the scented ones and the full petaled ones are definitely my favorites.

Do you enjoy roses? Do you love the smell of roses? I mean true rose fragrance, not the kind that you get in the florist shop these days.

Oh, in other news, I’ve just finished updating this site. Do you like the new look of The Breath of Life Photo Blog? It now has an interactive front page where I can have featured photos, and a blog page, a nicely laid out archive page and just better functionality over all. I hope you like it.

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