Great Ideas For Creating Photo Books

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Using printing services it’s possible to have all kinds of custom gifts made for your friends and loved ones and to come up with something that’s entirely unique and more creative and sentimental than anything you’d buy in a shop. At the same time, if you use printing services you can of course make things for yourself that will equally be sentimental and nice little reminders of time gone by.

One of the most creative things you can make though this way is a photo book – which is essentially a photo album but where the images are printed onto the page rather than just fed into plastic sleeves. This gives you much more creative freedom than you would have with a photo album as you aren’t restricted to the rigid grid structure, and at the same time it allows you to incorporate other images and writing which will mean you can include annotations and notes. Of course it’s also very handy for those of us who have lots of digital photos and don’t want to have to print them out.

While photo books have these many advantages however, many of us unfortunately still think of them in terms of the way they used to be – and find it hard to think outside the confines of a photo album. Here you have an opportunity to do something much more creative should you want to, and this means that you can make a much nicer gift or trinket. Here are some ideas to make your photo books more interesting.

Telling Stories

For most of us a photo album is a memory of a specific point in time – somewhere to put the pictures from an event such as a wedding or a holiday. However with photo books you are freer to use photos from throughout time and this means you can use them to tell a story – and what better story than one of your life? A great birthday gift for someone is a photo book that tells the story of their life, starting with pictures of them as a baby in the cot, progressing through childhood and then moving on to adulthood. This way you can show all the highlights of their time on this Earth and it can be a great way for them to reminisce.

Of course there are other similar stories you can tell in this manner too. Why not for instance make a story of your relationship with someone starting with images from the day you met, and moving through all the nice things you’ve probably done together? This is a great romantic gift for a partner. Likewise a great leaving gift for someone who is leaving work, Uni or town, and this way you can give them a selection of pictures of your times together to remember you by.

Finally, why not make up a story? Using images you source from various places, captions that you’ve added, and a bit of imagination, you can make a funny gift that will make them smile and that will have shown a lot of creativity and thought.

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