7 IPhone Photography Tips

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The iPhone opened a whole new world of digital photography. Amateurs and budding photographers can take pictures whenever and wherever they want. And the pictures are amazing, on par with the pictures that you can take with traditional cameras. Plus the camera on your phone is easier to take pictures with than your DSLR camera, and it’s a lot lighter too!

Here are some tips for taking amazing pictures with your iPhone.

1.Hold The Phone Like A Camera

Don’t use the one handed snap approach with your iPhone. Instead, position the phone just as you would a standard camera. Use the screen to position your picture so it’s positioned the way you want to final picture to look.

2.Use Your Feet To Zoom In

The iPhone has some amazing features, including the ability to zoom in. Maintain the quality of your photos by walking closer to your object when possible to zoom in. After you’re as close to your object as possible, you can use the zoom feature and maintain the integrity of the photo.

3.Take The Shot A Few Times

Digital photography is quite forgiving. If the first shot doesn’t look right, then you can take it again. The speed of the iPhone’s camera makes it possible to retake a shot within seconds if you messed up the first one. Just to be certain you get the second or third, don’t stop to look at the picture. Assume that the first shot is not what you wanted and take subsequent shots immediately after the first. Some of the shots will be better than others, but at least you’ll have a few options to choose from.


Lighting is important when it comes to camera phones. You’ll have grainy, poor quality pictures in lower lighting. Keep the light behind you can make sure that your subject is well lit. That doesn’t mean that you cannot shoot great images at night. Play around with light and you phone settings and see how you can improve upon the resulting pictures.

5.Keep The Phone Still

Calm your shaky nerves and keep the phone as still as you can when you’re taking pictures. A shaky hand will result in blurred images, so keep your jitters in check. Keep your hands still by resting your arm or the phone on something stable while you take the shot.

6. Clean The Lens

This obvious tip is not so obvious when it comes to smartphones. We easily remember to clean our camera lens on traditional cameras but overlook the lens on our smartphone. Your phone can pick up dust lying around in your handbag or on your desk. Not to mention the fingerprints and food from grubby fingers. Clean the lens to improve the quality of your resulting picture.


Use the camera app on the iPhone, or download another app from the iTunes store to edit all your pictures before you share them. From tweaking the contract to adding borders, there are hundreds of edits you can do to make your pictures look better.

Crystal has written this article for Michael Ward Stout, lawyer who administers Mapplethorpe’s estate.

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