Photographic Hot Spots On An East Cost US Road Trip

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New York 2012

America’s East Coast is home to some of the country’s most photographed locations, from New York, where every street corner is like a still from a film, to the immense political architecture of Washington D.C. If you’re thinking of taking a trip down this side of the country and you’re looking for the best locations for collecting memorable images of your trip, then here are some photographic hot spots to look out for.

Boston is without doubt one of the highlights of America’s East coast, with its numerous historic buildings, pretty parks and coastal vistas. The Boston Tea Party ships are moored at a reconstructed version of Griffins Wharf and offer insight into a turning point in the city (and the country’s) history in one single shot, particularly when populated by re-enactors in period costume. The Old City Hall, Copps Hill Burial Ground and the numerous historic churches across the city are also bathed in interesting events in America’s timeline and distinct architectural styles.

Just outside the city is the gorgeous Walden Pond, more than 250,000 square miles of mirror like water reflecting the sky, or to capture another very well known part of America’s history head to nearby Salem and the ghoulish Witch House.

New York is one of those places that is simply a photographer’s dream, with even a simple yellow taxicab causing cameras to be whipped out. The Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty, Central Park (and Central Perk…!), 5th Avenue, Times Square, and the Rockefeller Center are just some of the buildings that will have you reaching for your camera. And then there are the other city landmarks that we all want to capture for posterity – Carrie Bradshaw’s Brownstone, Ghostbusters HQ, The Seinfeld diner, the Breakfast at Tiffany’s apartment building and the Fame Music High School are just a few of the very famous locations in the city.

Washington, DCWashington D.C. is the political capital of America and as such there are some pretty recognisable sights here that make perfect photo fodder. The White House, the Washington Monument, Union Station and Rock Creek Park are some of the city’s most famous and most photographed sights. Those with a particularly keen interest in law and politics might also be interested in seeing the Supreme Court, Capitol Hill and the Ellipse. To take home some images of a different side of Washington, head for the C&O Canal on the north bank of the Potomac River, one of the most impressive surviving examples of the American canal building era.

If you’re looking for swathes of natural sea swept beauty and wide-open spaces for your photo album then Maine on the northeast coast is the state in which to find it. The Arcadia National Park is located in this part of America, a fascinating series of islands off the eastern Atlantic coast populated with all sorts of wildlife, such as moose, beaver, bobcats and black bears. Maine also has four of the US’s National Scenic Byways or All-American Roads, of which there are only 120 in the country, and the name should be a clue as to how many scenic shots there are to snap here. Then there are the famous Maine lighthouses – you can’t truly photograph the East Coast without capturing one of these.

If you’re travelling to the East Coast of America then these photographic hot spots are a must see. Whether you want to capture the wilds of Maine or America’s political jungle, you won’t be short of subjects for your pictures.

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Amy Sawyer is a freelance travel feature writer working with Alamo USA.

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