Should You Have A Morning After Photo Shoot: What To Consider?

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Weddings are usually quite demure looking affairs – well kempt families gather around well shod grooms and white angelic looking brides. Celebrations are had, cakes are eaten and photos are taken of the nuptial couple. However, the latest trend certainly doesn’t tend to follow the traditional clean living, polished image of the marital day.

Morning after shoots are exactly as you’d imagine on a tin – a bedroom snapped shoot the morning after the night before. It’s a document of the nuptial excesses of the night previous taken by a photographer in the sultry surroundings of a bedroom or hotel suite.

Like a lot of photography and wedding trends, the morning after photo shoot originated in the United States of America – and where else would it. America is renowned for its excess, celeb culture and contemporary efforts.


It seems that the whole process has been taken on by both couples of the celeb persuasion and also those of a less notable standing. The photography sessions take place in varying degrees of sultriness, from full on shower scenes, to turned and tossed bed images, to breakfast fully clad with croissants and slippers and Radio 4. Though it may not all be garters and whips, it’s all a morning after wedding shoot.

The surge towards this new wedding are seen as part and parcel of the advertisements we witness regularly, with celebs images between white sheets are part and parcel of many a billboard. The recent literary hit 50 Shade of Grey may also have played a part.

Of course, it’s understandable to an extent; both groom and bride have lost weight, put work into their bodies and look great. Brides are wearing beautiful lingerie and there is a natural attraction between the couple that can be easily seen on film. So, why not document the clear intimacy between the couple?

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

The argument for taste is obviously the main reason people would oppose such a photo shoot. Many feel that the morning after shoot is part and parcel of the cult of celebrity and showcases how it is creeping into society and the need of the Facebook generation to document everything. However, others would argue it’s a positive and something to look back on when marriages go through trialling times.

Saying that, one more bizarre trend is to have the images taken weeks after the morning, in a purely staged session. Many people feel that this is disingenuous and doesn’t portray any of the positives a true morning after shoot would. Of course, conversely, if it makes people happy, why care – it’s not doing anyone else damage.


If deciding on a photographer for a morning after shoot, couples should definitely take time to choose. The wedding photographer may not always be the best option and you may require an alternative with expertise in the area. However, whether you are looking for wedding photography in Surrey or Sweden there are plenty of top quality people out there to fulfil your visions.

Morning after photography is a growing trend and one that will see many jumping aboard the bandwagon with little expertise. So, always ask for references, previous work and get an idea of quality.

You will also need to research what you want and what options there are and what may suit your needs. You want to be comfortable, happy and be able to pose securely. Also, remember you may have only had a few hour’s sleep and also may have had a few the night before. However, once you’re aware of all of this you know what you’re deciding on and what to expect and can concentrate on looking great. Finally, just have fun – it’s your big day!

Cormac Reynolds writes for a number of creative areas and has worked on a number of photography blogs in the past. He writes this article for Carl Glancey Photography.