Kerala A Photographer’s Paradise

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Kerala is a picturesque destination with endless array of natural marvels. If you are someone with a penchant to see the world from all the right angles and unique perspectives, Kerala will make for a picture perfect holiday. Get armed with your SLR and head off to God’s own country for the most dramatic and lively pictures.

Wildlife photography

Thekkady offers plenty of opportunities for photographing wildlife. Periyar Tiger Reserve, the fascinating wildlife sanctuary, is just a half an hour drive from Thekkady. Teeming with a rich variety of wildlife, Thekkady will present you with a great opportunity to capture some of the rare species which are not seen anywhere else in the country. Thekkady is home to endangered species like sambar, tigers, gaur, lion-tailed Macaques and Nilgiri Langurs. While on a photography tour here, you should be watchful all the time as you cannot predict when you spot one of these marvelous creatures. Always be ready and don’t miss the chance to make some fascinating wildlife images.


The stunning background of the lush green landscape and serene Periyar lake will add to the splendor of your images. Elephants coming in herds to drink water and play in the lake are a great sight to watch. Every tourist who visit Thekkday will take back home the images of these playful giants. If you crave for more wildlife, go on a jungle safari in the Muthanga sanctuary that has been declared a Project and Elephant site and click away.

Marvels of Kochi

Kochi packs a series of exciting experiences and destinations that will interest any photographer.  A walk through the alleys & lanes of kochi is truly a trip down the history lane. Kochi, the ancient port city with a stunning natural harbour, has attracted invaders from far and wide. The Arabds, the Chinese, the Jews, the Dutch, the Portuguese have all contributed to make Kochi a cultural melting pot.

Architectural marvels like the Portuguese Churches, Jewish Synagogue and Dutch Cemetery still carry an old world charm and take you back in time. An ideal place for heritage photography, your camera will tire of clicking images that will tell you the story of Kochi’s colonial past. A snap of the Chinese fishing nets on the coastline of Fort Kochi as the sun set in to the Arabian Sea will be a classic in landscape photography.


To catch the real spirit and vibrancy of the people in Kerala, go to the heart of festivals in God’s own country. With numerous temples and other places of worships, Kerala’s festival calendar is full with colorful and vibrant festivals celebrated across the state.  Thrissur Pooram, known as the festival of festivals, will be an excellent opportunity for you to capture the true essence of a temple festival in Kerala. Magnificent spectacle of fireworks, kudamattam (exchange of colorful umbrellas), elephant procession all are sure to offer your camera enough stuff to create some spectacular festival pictures. Arattupuzha Pooram, Uthralikavu Pooram, &  Adoor gajamela are some other colorful festivals that will give fodder for your SLR.

The charm of Kerala is endless. Stunning shoreline, sprawling plantations, sparkling backwaters, sun kissed beaches and more. Destinations are waiting to be captured in perfect frames.

This article is authored by Nick Ram, who is one of the authors of the blog Home of Ayurveda.