Viral Marketing: 8 Ideas To Success


The purpose of this article is to provide you with great ideas for your viral marketing campaign. Viral marketing, otherwise known as word of mouth marketing is the most inexpensive form yet potentially the most powerful form of marketing you can use, as most top seo services would agree.

Rebrand a Viral eBook

What you can do is to buy ebooks which includes re-branding rights that will allow you to pass on the book for free with your name as the author. This is a great way to get auto responder sign ups and a nice way for people to spread your book around the internet, thus increasing web traffic to your site.

Set up a Forum

A popular forum will get great search engine rankings and will attract many people in your niche to ask questions, comment and review products. Forums are a powerful viral marketing medium.

Use Facebook

Facebook has evolved into a huge social network with over 70 million. If you can tap into just a tiny percentage of these users then you have hit a goldmine. Some methods of marketing on Facebook include creating free applications, games and creating Groups with information about your website.

Create Templates

Creating free website design and blog templates with your website link in the footer is an easy way to virally market your site. Most people will leave the footer intact, instantly giving you backlinks and recognition.

Create a Video

Posting a video to YouTube can bring in millions of viewers and visitors. You can place some subtle marketing messages, some tutorials or any other content you believe your readers would be interested in. Just make sure you always include a link to your site in the video.

Write an eBook

Writing your own ebook (or paying someone to write it) is an instant way to gain credibility. Once you give it away for free, it creates a completely viral stream as more and more people pass the book on to friends. You can include some one time offers of upsells in the free ebook.

Write some Articles

You can try writing articles and give them to webmasters within your niche to publish on their sites. By the way, as long as you have a link back to your site, you’ll always receive credit for the articles.

Use Social Bookmarking Sites

Sites like Stumbleupon, Digg, Technorati, Twitter, Myspace and others give you the chance to create a brand, give away free ebooks and generally provide people with a way to talk about your site. This is powerful word of mouth marketing.

These eight viral marketing ideas can help your website take off in no time..

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    Great list! I’ve implemented a few of these tactics and have seen some of the others used. I’ll definitely try to write more articles and the eBook sounds like a great challenge. Thanks for the post.

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    Great ideas, thanks for sharing. I am going to look into more social bookmarking sites. FB has been a plus.

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  10. Alex says

    Those are some great examples. The one that seems to work the best is producing a template with a required link back to your site. WordPress themes are always in high demand. I’d use an encode64 string to protect the link in the footer. That makes it more difficult for some people to simply delete it.