New Partnership program with Successful Office

If you have a small business that could benefit from a call center or answering service you should visit the Successful Office website and take a look at the various services that they offer.

Using a call center or answering service can give your business the appearance of having perhaps a larger office/business than you currently do, and of course, your clients will likely feel that they your company has great customer service if they can actually leave a message with a person rather than an answering machine when they call to make a purchase or ask a question about your business.

Successful Office also has an opportunity page for posters that proposes that small business may exchange their time for the services offered by Successful Office. As I understand it a blogger or a small business owner who is familiar with social bookmarking sites such as del.icious, digg, reddit, and stumbleupon can spend some time promoting the services of Successful Office in exchange for some of the benefits of their call answer service. Which means that if you need a call answer service but don’t really have the money to pay for such a service you can barter your own services in exchange for their services.

The opportunity page describes a few different ways to partner with Successful Office in order to either make money through their reseller program or to exchange services through their bartering program. Check it out.

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