Heartbeats by Jose Gonzolez


While my wife and I were watching the TV series Bones on our PVR the other night, I picked up on this tune that really stuck in my mind. The guitarist name is Jose Gonzolez and his breathtaking song called Heartbeats, is a thing of wonder.

It is one of those songs they play during a show that is playing in the background, at a low volume. Most people don’t give it a second thought but, it lingers in ones mind long after the show is over. After the show ended my wife found it, the women is a god on finding anything on the web, and sent me a Youtube link to it!

Most of you may recognize this fabulous piece of music from the Sony Bravia (bouncy balls) TV commercial. The song itself is just so graceful and pure to my mind and ears.

This guitar picking technique is my favorite style, Drone Picking! It’s very fluid approach to playing. You can implement this mode of performing to just about any song! It can make a listener hypnotized at the drop of a hat. The art Drone will also highlight your guitar playing versatility.

Heart Beats is very simple but, yet it contains layers of complexity that just allows the listener to float away quite easily. It is a song that when I close my eyes, grants me ability to see the song in colour. This is a phrase that I picked up from my God son.

He is completely blind in one eye and is 80% in the other. One day at my parents home in Brantford, he was there so I brought him into the piano room and played some songs and progressions on it for him to listen to. After playing a certain phrasing, I asked him what he saw in his mind and he said he saw particular colours! Wow, that made me think about music in a completely different train of thought from that moment onwards.

This song really does it for me and I hope you get the same effect from it as I did. Just listen to this video and close your eyes … does this song give you the same sensation as it does for me?

Keep on Jammin’

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  1. Forum Concurso says

    That was a great job of Jose Gonzalez… tv commercial for sony bravia is totally excellent!

    “to call for hands of above… to lean on…”… Great!


  2. says

    My wife and I have the PVR thing and we recently saw the entire commercial that used this great song of his on and boy the song certainly help round it out!

    It’s nice to see that these ad exec’s give more power to the one’s who are making the commercial! Now, if TV exec’s could tell the writers to TURN DOWN THE F—–G VOLUME ON THEIR SHOWS!!!

    Thanx for the comment Forum Concurso

  3. Guitar Bob says

    It is a really nice track, and if you want to hear more that is similar check out Nick Drake, who is unfortunately no longer with us, but was playing in this style in the seventies. I’ve got the Nick Drake box set and never tire of it.

  4. says

    I am always keen on checking/trying out new material Guitar Bob. I’m off to check out the world of Nick Drake as we speak!

    Keep on Jammin’ Guitar Bob.