RUSH enters 2010 Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame


RUSH will be inducted to this years 6th Annual Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame.


The event will be taking place on March 28 at The Toronto Centre for the Arts. Also included in this years inductees is Robert Charlebois.

RUSH declined playing for the event despite the Hall of Fame’s insistence. They instead wanted to follow proper protocol having other acts pay tribute to them by performing their own unique take on some of the RUSH’s most popular songs. Man this is gonna be a great show!

Rush, all the worlds a stageFirst up will be Hamilton folk/roots musician Jacob Moon, at Rush’s invitation, will perform his solo acoustic version of “Subdivisions,” which has gone viral on YouTube.

Then there’s St. Catharine’s own rockers Alexisonfire. They will do their interpretation of Tom Sawyer and last but not least California bass virtuoso and Geddy Lee protege Les Claypool, will do his rendition of The Spirit of Radio.

There will be another tribute to the band by way of a Documentary. It will highlight the rise of RUSH’s past 40 years as Canada’s most celebrated band! it will be by filmmakers Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn titled RUSH: Beyond The Lighted Stage. The premiere will take place at this years Hot Docs Festival from April 29 through to May 9 (see

So hats off to the old boys because it’s about time!

Hey RUSH, Keep on Jammin’

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